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New learning paradigms: Digital natives and the knowledge worker

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José Carlos Ramos

José Carlos Ramos is a professional in the world of knowledge and innovation. He deeply believes in building bridges between the worlds of business and research / academics. He is an entrepreneur of several business ventures and he works in Avanzalis Knowledge Associates as a facilitator of senior management in strategic business projects.

He is also an associate Professor at the University of Barcelona, at ​​ESADE Business School and at other schools of business. He has experience as manager in service businesses such as IBM for which he worked in the U.S..

José Carlos Ramos is a Doctor of Business Organization, Engineer in Telecommunications and Executive MBA.

Preparing educational institutions to serve its new client: the educational marketing as a management tool

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Javier Muñoz Senra

Director of Marketing at ESIC

The many changes in the society have produced new types of customers, and educational organizations should not remain oblivious to these changes. For this reason, I’ve been over 15 years concerned with improving the management of schools, and helping them to develop organizational structures aligned with the real needs of its customers from a broad concept that integrates all of the stakeholders of the institution. From my web www.marketingeducativo.info, I’m every day trying to convey a passion for marketing and its application to education.

What to do when the public has neither the vocabulary nor the model and you want to preserve the rigor?

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Francesc Sole Parellada

CYD Foundation Vicepresident

My name is Francesc Solé Parellada, or Paco Solé. I work as a professor at the “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya” and I am vice president in the CYD Foundation. All my life I have faced the challenge of learning disciplines having only one tenth of the required time to do so, or drawing conclusions from situations in which the knowledge of the model or the vocabulary were essential for audiences that ignored it. I think I learned the power of images, parables, and to appeal to intuition rather than knowledge, and without cheating.

It’s difficult to teach, but it’s even more difficult to learn: learn to teach

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Enrique Gomez Castillejo

President of the Association of Educators and psychologists in the Valencian Community

Enrique Castillejo y Gómez has a degree in Education and a passion for teaching to teach. He is Chairman of the Association of Educators and psychologists in the Valencian Community and President of the General Council of Associations of Educators and psychologists in Spain but, above all, he is a teacher specialist in behavior and systemic modification with the sole purpose of making that the teaching be a science present in all of the education. An education capable of increasing the social skills and making this society a more competent, educated and productive one, or in one word, a happy society.

Infant feeding free of baby food

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Pediatrician and President of the Catalan Association for Breastfeeding

I have 50 years. The first 21 I was a full-time son, an experience that, after a few years of transition, I found very useful to be father for the last 27 years. I remember many things from my childhood, so I know that children have feelings, they don’t do things to annoy and they don’t cry for no reason. I am a pediatrician, and that allowed me to meet many parents and see what are the most common doubts and fears. I have written several books that help parents to attempt to solve these doubts and remember the child they were.

Do schools kill creativity? (TEDTalk)

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Creativity expert

Sir Ken Robinson (born in Liverpool on March 4, 1950) is a renowned author, international speaker and a consultant in arts education issues for governments, NGOs, corporations, etc.. He was director of The Arts in Schools Project (1985-89), Professor of Art Education at the University of Warwick (1989-2001) and he was awarded the title “Sir” in 2003 for his work in the service of education.

The opportunity of adversity

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Athlete and Actress

Aimee Mullins was born in 1976 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an athlete, model and actress, known for their athletic performance despite having both legs amputated.

She was born with a condition called fibular hemimelia that primarily affects the lower legs and feet, causing them to grow inward. This condition caused her to lose both legs when she was only 1 year old. In 1996, while she was in college, she competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association establishing several marks on the X Paralympic Games in Atlanta. Her personal bests are 15.77 seconds for the 100 meter dash, 34.60 seconds for 200 meters and 3.5 meters in long jump.

She worked at the Pentagon, as a motivational speaker. In 1999 she paraded on the catwalks of London for the designer Alexander McQueen wearing ash prostheses. She can change her height from 1.80 to 2.05 meters depending on her prostheses and she has been ranked as one of the 50 most beautiful women by People magazine. In 2002 she appeared in Cremaster 3, a film by Matthew Barney, wearing a wedding dress with boots made ​​of glass. And one year later in a version of Five Little Pigs of Agatha Christie.

Chris Anderson shares his vision for TED (TEDTalk)

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TED Curator.

Chris Anderson was born in a small village in Pakistan and raised in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where his father worked as a surgeon in the missions. He graduated from Oxford University in philosophy and later he began to work as a journalist. After several years in radio stations and newspapers, he was engaged by the appearance of a new artifact, something strange called “personal computer”. He achieved a position of editor in one of the first magazines in the UK about computers and one year later, in 1985, he launched a small start-up to publish his own magazine. The success of this launch led him to publish more magazines and his company, Future Publishing, grew rapidly under the slogan “media with passion.”

Anderson extended his business to the U.S. in 1994, where he created Imagine Media, publisher of Business 2.0 magazine and creator of the popular gaming website IGN. Anderson’s group edited more than 100 monthly magazines, employing 2,000 people. The Group’s management allowed Anderson to create a nonprofit foundation, The Sapling Foundation, which aims to find new ways to tackle global problems through the use of media, technology, entertainment and, mainly, ideas. Sapling bought the TED conferences in 2001 and, since then, Anderson has changed his commitment in order to focus on growing TED.

Money and awareness. Reflections on personal and social transformation

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Deputy General Director of Triodos Bank

Antoni Joan Mele has over 30 years of professional experience in banking, he has studied Economics and Financial Management, and has attended numerous courses and seminars on communication, relationships, managerial techniques, risk analysis, banking, etc. He also works as a volunteer in various non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting ethical banking and development cooperation in projects of Latin America. In addition, Melee is extremely active as a speaker at forums and lectures on topics of social economy, ethical finance and humanities.

Joan Antoni Melee is the author of “Money and Awareness. Who serves my money,” from Plataforma Editorial. The book, which already has a 4th edition, is the written discourse developed by Melee in more than 400 lectures that he, under the same title, has offered all over Spain to promote an economy with values ​​and to raise awareness about the responsible use of money.

Questioning paradigms

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We want to spread the TEDx spirit to the whole region of Valencia and try to serve as an inspiration to others so that they organize their own  TEDx event.

We think that  the best way to start  is challenging old paradigms from several areas. So we have invited a group of high-level speakers that are, not only the best professionals in their fields, but they also enjoy their work and when they expose their opinions and the way of approaching their days, it’s evident that they are in their element. Do you dare to transform into reality risky proposals that can achieve the social progress we need? TEDxValencia is your people.

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