noviembre 2012 - TEDx Valencia

Una reflexión inspiradora sobre lo que TEDx aporta a los voluntarios…

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Reflexión muy chula de TEDxJardins: 

Organizar un TEDx es una lección vital!!


Our event TEDxJardins last Thursday was absolutely amazing! very inspiring!

Our speakers were changemakers, social entrepreneurs, modern day
We are getting a tremendous amount of jaw-dropping positive feedback.

It was also a life lesson!!!!
We’ve spent MONTHS planning a SINGLE DAY. And then SO MANY things ended up
being different than planned… the end result was equally or even more

So, how do we even dream of planning our lives?? If when we try to plan a
DAY we cannot control everything that is going on?

Life will surprise us, life will bring things we cannot even imagine.
We need to be ready to improvise, ready to ENJOY surprises, and to CHOOSE
happiness, joy, humour to deal with the UNEXPECTED.

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