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Xavier Serrano Hortelano

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xavier serrano tedxvalencia

Xavier Serrano Hortelano
Clinical psychologist, sexologist and psychotherapist character-analyst


I studied (scholarship) 10 years of my life as child and teen with Jesuits, sharing daily life with fellow inmates, I could “tan” in the field of sexual repression but I also approached the “sexual liberation” because the last years coincided with the transition to democracy in our country. That transition was reflected in a staff of young teachers, “communist”, “cute” that made us read Karl Marx, J.P.Sartre and S. Freud, sharing desks with girls… the experience continued in college, in community experiences with youth of both sexes in the Barrio del Carmen apartments in Valencia, full of “pubs” like “Campsa” where the bodies were caressed without names… and in my travels to Paris and Perpignan to visit its XXX cinemas and neighborhoods. While not everything was “Sex and rock and roll” because I was imprisoned a while, fortunately short, thanks to the general amnesty, in a Valencia jail called “the Model” … there, I met again with texts by Freud and W. Reich, “The sexual revolution” or “sexual struggle of the young” and “Function of the Orgasm” and “Analysis of character.” Perhaps the combination of all this was what defined my future life plans: helping to reduce emotional distress and deepening of human sexuality, bringing me up several years in France and Italy (where I did my own analysis)

And I have been “distracted” in this during my last 30 years. Psychopathological clinical intervention with focal psychotherapy combining them with a depth psychotherapy model (Vegetotherapy character-analytic) which, among other things, facilitates emotional expression and the development of the capacity for pleasure and sexual enjoyment. That and moments of preventive intervention (self-regulation) in families and schools from the womb to adolescence who have allowed me to follow the development and psycho-emotional maturation of children with disparate educational shapes …

I also have experimented all of that with my three children. All of this makes me feel within the paradigm of the “global ecology” along with other colleagues in the training school that I lead (Reichian Therapy Spanish School). I’ve shared the last 11 years of my life with my partner and wife Roxana Gonzalez. I’ve communicated my knowledge, doubts and hesitations through my classes at specializing schools in Europe and Latin America, and also in articles, books and lectures.

Contact: / xavierserrano

The origins of TEDxValencia

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As David Plà tells, in his office at the Campus at Alcoy of the UPV, he organized an event to deliver student certificates of his courses of financial advice. Oriol Amat and Santiago Carbo were responsible for providing a conference and deliver the diplomas to the students in 2006 and 2007. However, despite the quality of the speakers and the interesting topics of popularization, they failed to attract the attention of the general public.

How knew David Plà the existence of the TED platform?

In parallel to those events, and since someone sent him the Conference: Does Schools Kill Creativity? of Sir Ken Robinson, David became an absolute fan of TED. Gradually, he investigated about this association: what did and how it operated. Finally, he learned that there was a program called TEDx, by which any person could perform independent events in his city. Something that, although it wasn’t clear at the time, changed his life (June 2010).

How the TEDxValencia adventure begins?

At that moment, David Plà bought the domain Soon after, reading the fine print, he knew that buying the domain without getting first the license was something prohibited. Even so, TED did not object to the granting of the license. The project was becoming a reality.

From there, everything went smoothly. He easily convinced his team of partners, Lidia Olmos and Marisa Vercher, which did not hesitate. Later, he contacted several people which he maintained good personal and professional relationships, as Diego Perez of Old Students of UPV, Patricio Montesinos of Postgraduate Education Center of UPV and Purificación Baldovy of AVANT. All of them launched the first TEDxValencia, 2011 edition.

What conclusions were drawn from the first edition?

The experience was a success and it was enough for knowing that both, David and the rest of the team, would continue down the same road, recruiting many more people, raising awareness about the platform and the TED and TEDx formats. So for 2012 they thought about a reframe of the way in which they would organize the event, allowing the entry of any talent that could bring any volunteer. That’s how they entered in Collective Intelligence and Radical Collaboration, hallmarks of the working model that is being developed for TEDxValencia 2012. Are you going to miss it?

Pre-Spreading of TEDxValencia 2012

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One of the challenges that arise within the TEDx project is to reach as many people as possible in a simple, clear and entertaining way. Quickly it appeared the idea of using public transport stops as broadcasting points. After analyzing the different options, the Metro Valencia network is the most likely alternative as it offers video and LED displays, which allow self-explanation without relying on staff, or additional systems. Besides it can reach thousands of people on a daily basis.

Thanks to these possibilities, and in addition, we’ll carry out a series of performances at the train stations by the group led by Pau Vercher (Rocambolesc Teatre).

The collaboration that MetroValencia has provided to the TEDxValencia team has served to generate new ideas and improve them, so they will be reflected soon.

Jose Luis Pastor

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Jose Luis Pastor TedxValencia

Jose Luis Pastor
Director General of Rethink Marketing

DEVOTIONAL MARKETING: The reinvention of loyalty to the brands.

Jose Luis Pastor is a graduate in Business Management and Mk of ESIC, MBA Master of Nebrija University, Master in Communication and Advertising of ESIC and Focused program of IESE. Jose Luis has developed his professional experience as a marketing director in several private companies and in the field of marketing consulting applied to sectors such as tourism, real estate, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics and consumer goods among others. His experience is characterized by its strategic vision in branding and differentiation strategies.

Expert in differentiation marketing, market research and trends, today, he combines his teaching activity in various business schools in Spain and South America, with the Department of Rethink Marketing, his own consultancy where he advises on strategic and marketing decisions to companies like Rusticae (tourism sector), Baxter (pharmaceutics) or Unibail-Rodamco (a french-dutch multinational with more than 150 leisure and shopping centers in Europe).

Mónica L. Esgueva

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Mónica L. Esgueva tedxvLENCIA

Monica L. Esgueva
Economist, author and coach


Tireless traveler, she went all over 70 countries, has lived in London, and nearly nine years in Paris. Now she has established in Spain, but she spent long periods in Asia each year, often studying with Tibetan Lamas.

She graduated in Economics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and she did a Master in Foreign Trade. She worked several years in the Insead international business school (located in France), specializing in international executive leadership programs, where she also was chosen to study a YMP postgraduate. She holds a Master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is International Coach certified by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP in the U.S.), and NLP Coaching Specialist certified by the IPH Institute.

She is the author of “Cuando sea feliz,” published by Ed. Urano in Spain and in many Latin American countries.

Monica is a MBA teacher at the University San Pablo CEU in the fields of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, and she is a guest in programs of Punto Radio and Radio Catalunya.

At the TED conference Monica will explore why, to reach the success, are necessary bridges, the ones that help to build and complete everything that is worthwhile and that leaves a mark in any area of personal, professional, and public life, and how the achievements in the future will be based on “bridges”.


Empowerment and love for happiness: the personal is political, diverse and infinite

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Maite Sarrió Catalá

PhD in Psychology. Teacher, researcher, psychotherapist and consultant specializing in gender and diversity from a synthesis of guidelines and Eastern and Western disciplines. She is founder and coordinator of INFINITA, Gender and Diversity Consultant.

Maite Sarrió violates the sex/gender system and other cultural constructions, so as the current socioeconomic system from the transformation of beliefs and identities of women and men. Identities disempowered by a culture that does violence to both. She is founder and coordinator of INFINITA Gender and Diversity Consultant, formed by a group of people passionately working at the organizational and social level from the empowerment strategy and the love as key to promoting equality, diversity, innovation, sustainability, freedom and personal and social peace. In short, happiness.

New learning paradigms: Digital natives and the knowledge worker

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José Carlos Ramos

José Carlos Ramos is a professional in the world of knowledge and innovation. He deeply believes in building bridges between the worlds of business and research / academics. He is an entrepreneur of several business ventures and he works in Avanzalis Knowledge Associates as a facilitator of senior management in strategic business projects.

He is also an associate Professor at the University of Barcelona, at ​​ESADE Business School and at other schools of business. He has experience as manager in service businesses such as IBM for which he worked in the U.S..

José Carlos Ramos is a Doctor of Business Organization, Engineer in Telecommunications and Executive MBA.

Preparing educational institutions to serve its new client: the educational marketing as a management tool

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Javier Muñoz Senra

Director of Marketing at ESIC

The many changes in the society have produced new types of customers, and educational organizations should not remain oblivious to these changes. For this reason, I’ve been over 15 years concerned with improving the management of schools, and helping them to develop organizational structures aligned with the real needs of its customers from a broad concept that integrates all of the stakeholders of the institution. From my web, I’m every day trying to convey a passion for marketing and its application to education.

What to do when the public has neither the vocabulary nor the model and you want to preserve the rigor?

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Francesc Sole Parellada

CYD Foundation Vicepresident

My name is Francesc Solé Parellada, or Paco Solé. I work as a professor at the “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya” and I am vice president in the CYD Foundation. All my life I have faced the challenge of learning disciplines having only one tenth of the required time to do so, or drawing conclusions from situations in which the knowledge of the model or the vocabulary were essential for audiences that ignored it. I think I learned the power of images, parables, and to appeal to intuition rather than knowledge, and without cheating.

It’s difficult to teach, but it’s even more difficult to learn: learn to teach

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Enrique Gomez Castillejo

President of the Association of Educators and psychologists in the Valencian Community

Enrique Castillejo y Gómez has a degree in Education and a passion for teaching to teach. He is Chairman of the Association of Educators and psychologists in the Valencian Community and President of the General Council of Associations of Educators and psychologists in Spain but, above all, he is a teacher specialist in behavior and systemic modification with the sole purpose of making that the teaching be a science present in all of the education. An education capable of increasing the social skills and making this society a more competent, educated and productive one, or in one word, a happy society.

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