Empowerment and love for happiness: the personal is political, diverse and infinite - TEDx Valencia

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  • enero 28, 2012


Maite Sarrió Catalá

PhD in Psychology. Teacher, researcher, psychotherapist and consultant specializing in gender and diversity from a synthesis of guidelines and Eastern and Western disciplines. She is founder and coordinator of INFINITA, Gender and Diversity Consultant.

Maite Sarrió violates the sex/gender system and other cultural constructions, so as the current socioeconomic system from the transformation of beliefs and identities of women and men. Identities disempowered by a culture that does violence to both. She is founder and coordinator of INFINITA Gender and Diversity Consultant, formed by a group of people passionately working at the organizational and social level from the empowerment strategy and the love as key to promoting equality, diversity, innovation, sustainability, freedom and personal and social peace. In short, happiness.

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