Impact of disseminating TEDxValencia - TEDx Valencia

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  • febrero 10, 2012

Coinciding with the arrival of the TEDxValencia 2012 ( #TEDxValencia ), the communication team has scheduled the iniative 100 days, 100 ideas(#100dias100ideasTEDx). This initiative will spread every day of the 100 remaining days until May 5th, a message (Tweet) as a capsule information such as:

Since its launch, just eight days ago, we have achieved six TT (Trending Topic), one of them nationwide. In addition, users have shared countless publications, pages, links, conferences, etc.., As you can see in the following images:

In the same way that different users have shared content related to TEDxValencia, the generated traffic on the site has become evidenced by the unique visits, the page views or the time on the site. Therefore, the impact generated is more than demonstrated. If you have not yet decided to join the sponsors panel, this is the time.

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