Nacho Goberna - TEDx Valencia

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  • enero 31, 2012


Nacho Goberna
Composer, musician and singer

Small things may be the answer. Sustainable creativity. Fair trade applied to musical distribution.

Nacho Goberna was born in San Sebastian on July 30, 1964. Composer since the age of 17 years, he has lived in first person, over the past three decades, the erratic evolution of the music industry, which has led to the current worrying situation. Music and technology have been his passions, a combination of interests that marks the evolution of his career. A career that has led him to create songs inside one of the reference groups of Spanish pop, “La dama se esconde”, which he was leader, under whose name he released 7 albums, the first two on an independent label and five in a multinational record company. He also developed WWW.GET.ES (“Spanish Groups on the Web) in the mid-late 90’s, the first thematic Internet portal dedicated to the dissemination of Spanish pop music all over the country. It also originated other websites like Heroes del Silencio, Benicassim Festival, Subterfuge, and so on. Later, in 2006, he created his own label, Closer Popnography, which has accommodated quality proposals, far from its more commercial line. Within, and consistent with this path, his last step combines all their creativity and experience, is, which takes its name from her second solo album, “A forest of green tea,” 2010. This is a new way to experience music from a solo proposal, independent from industry and the usual distribution methods. The composer uses the versatile, powerful and affordable tools, offered by Internet and the new technologies to interact with their followers, those who have decided to share a piece of the “refuge”, as he calls it, of that ” Cabin in the Woods “. Unreleased songs, live concert recordings, video clips, writings, photographs … The ideal formula for the different windows open on his sensitivity and to raise a fair cultural exchange model, an original and innovative way of sharing, relating, develop his work without prejudice and outside of the convention. In short, one answer to a stagnant market acostumed to repeating habits.

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