Pre-Spreading of TEDxValencia 2012 - TEDx Valencia

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  • enero 29, 2012

One of the challenges that arise within the TEDx project is to reach as many people as possible in a simple, clear and entertaining way. Quickly it appeared the idea of using public transport stops as broadcasting points. After analyzing the different options, the Metro Valencia network is the most likely alternative as it offers video and LED displays, which allow self-explanation without relying on staff, or additional systems. Besides it can reach thousands of people on a daily basis.

Thanks to these possibilities, and in addition, we’ll carry out a series of performances at the train stations by the group led by Pau Vercher (Rocambolesc Teatre).

The collaboration that MetroValencia has provided to the TEDxValencia team has served to generate new ideas and improve them, so they will be reflected soon.

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