The origins of TEDxValencia - TEDx Valencia

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  • enero 29, 2012


As David Plà tells, in his office at the Campus at Alcoy of the UPV, he organized an event to deliver student certificates of his courses of financial advice. Oriol Amat and Santiago Carbo were responsible for providing a conference and deliver the diplomas to the students in 2006 and 2007. However, despite the quality of the speakers and the interesting topics of popularization, they failed to attract the attention of the general public.

How knew David Plà the existence of the TED platform?

In parallel to those events, and since someone sent him the Conference: Does Schools Kill Creativity? of Sir Ken Robinson, David became an absolute fan of TED. Gradually, he investigated about this association: what did and how it operated. Finally, he learned that there was a program called TEDx, by which any person could perform independent events in his city. Something that, although it wasn’t clear at the time, changed his life (June 2010).

How the TEDxValencia adventure begins?

At that moment, David Plà bought the domain Soon after, reading the fine print, he knew that buying the domain without getting first the license was something prohibited. Even so, TED did not object to the granting of the license. The project was becoming a reality.

From there, everything went smoothly. He easily convinced his team of partners, Lidia Olmos and Marisa Vercher, which did not hesitate. Later, he contacted several people which he maintained good personal and professional relationships, as Diego Perez of Old Students of UPV, Patricio Montesinos of Postgraduate Education Center of UPV and Purificación Baldovy of AVANT. All of them launched the first TEDxValencia, 2011 edition.

What conclusions were drawn from the first edition?

The experience was a success and it was enough for knowing that both, David and the rest of the team, would continue down the same road, recruiting many more people, raising awareness about the platform and the TED and TEDx formats. So for 2012 they thought about a reframe of the way in which they would organize the event, allowing the entry of any talent that could bring any volunteer. That’s how they entered in Collective Intelligence and Radical Collaboration, hallmarks of the working model that is being developed for TEDxValencia 2012. Are you going to miss it?

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