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  • enero 30, 2012


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Xavier Serrano Hortelano
Clinical psychologist, sexologist and psychotherapist character-analyst


I studied (scholarship) 10 years of my life as child and teen with Jesuits, sharing daily life with fellow inmates, I could “tan” in the field of sexual repression but I also approached the “sexual liberation” because the last years coincided with the transition to democracy in our country. That transition was reflected in a staff of young teachers, “communist”, “cute” that made us read Karl Marx, J.P.Sartre and S. Freud, sharing desks with girls… the experience continued in college, in community experiences with youth of both sexes in the Barrio del Carmen apartments in Valencia, full of “pubs” like “Campsa” where the bodies were caressed without names… and in my travels to Paris and Perpignan to visit its XXX cinemas and neighborhoods. While not everything was “Sex and rock and roll” because I was imprisoned a while, fortunately short, thanks to the general amnesty, in a Valencia jail called “the Model” … there, I met again with texts by Freud and W. Reich, “The sexual revolution” or “sexual struggle of the young” and “Function of the Orgasm” and “Analysis of character.” Perhaps the combination of all this was what defined my future life plans: helping to reduce emotional distress and deepening of human sexuality, bringing me up several years in France and Italy (where I did my own analysis)

And I have been “distracted” in this during my last 30 years. Psychopathological clinical intervention with focal psychotherapy combining them with a depth psychotherapy model (Vegetotherapy character-analytic) which, among other things, facilitates emotional expression and the development of the capacity for pleasure and sexual enjoyment. That and moments of preventive intervention (self-regulation) in families and schools from the womb to adolescence who have allowed me to follow the development and psycho-emotional maturation of children with disparate educational shapes …

I also have experimented all of that with my three children. All of this makes me feel within the paradigm of the “global ecology” along with other colleagues in the training school that I lead (Reichian Therapy Spanish School). I’ve shared the last 11 years of my life with my partner and wife Roxana Gonzalez. I’ve communicated my knowledge, doubts and hesitations through my classes at specializing schools in Europe and Latin America, and also in articles, books and lectures.

www.esternet.org / xavierserrano

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